RiSE Qld Advocacy and Support Network is committed to identifying the root causes of poverty, intergenerational childhood trauma, domestic violence and social exclusion in Qld. In solidarity with vulnerable and disadvantaged people, we advocate for systemic change required to create a more just and caring society.

Our aim is to provide consultative advice to a diverse range of community members, empowering them to exercise their rights and responsibilities through an informed decision making process.

Our vision incorporates the view that every marginalised individual in our community holds the capacity to become the architect of their own future. Enabling a person to develop life skills in turn, strengthens the family unit thus transforming communities.

RiSE Qld provides an inclusive referral, networking and consultancy service. We believe collaboration with other Service Providers is vital; capturing a portrait of collective knowledge, promoting legislative reform and promoting, protecting and defending the fundamental needs and rights of our most vulnerable people in society.

Our goal is to communicate with Government departments, associated providers, specialists and individuals to address the lived experience of Domestic Violence, rising statistics, affordable housing and the barriers preventing at risk individuals from moving forward.

RiSE QLD founder Bronwyn Rees believes we must speak up.

“Together and united in solidarity, we call for change.”

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keler